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Ann arbor, chelsea, dexter, milan, saline, ypsilanti, official city, TOWNSHIP, VILLAGE
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Washtenaw County

Ann Arbor  
Tax   Township   Library  
Ann Arbor  Chamber  of Commerce
 Ann Arbor Board of Realtors

 Area Villages

     * Barton Hills 

     * Dexter  

     * Manchester

 Area Townships 

     * Ann Arbor Twp   

     * Augusta Twp 

     * Bridgewater Twp 

     * Dexter Twp 

     * Freedom Twp 

     * Lima Twp

     * Lodi Twp  

     * Lyndon Twp 

     * Manchester Twp

     * Northfield Twp 

     * Pittsfield Twp 

     * Salem Twp 

     * Saline Twp 

     * Scio Twp 

     * Sharon Twp

     * Superior Twp   

     * Sylvan Twp 

     * Webster Twp

     * York Twp   

     * Ypsilanti Twp  


Ann Arbor Public Schools

Chelsea Public Schools

Dexter Community Schools

Lincoln Consolidated School District

 Milan Area Schools

Saline Area Schools

Ypsilanti Community Schools

         Washtenaw County  Universities & Colleges     

  • Cleary College
  • Concordia University
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • The University of Michigan
  • Washtenaw Community College